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English Refresher


Basic English grammar may be trite and boring for you but this refresher comes with a challenge. While serving as a refresher on  the correct construction of sentences, the tests included in this course seek to reinforce the rules of grammar. Here is where the challenge lies. Besides answering the tests correctly, you will be compelled to justify your answers with the applicable rules of English grammar.

The first 10 tests are meant for grammar, the next 5 test are for sentence construction, and last 5 tests are for composition.

Be sure to read the objectives and the instructions on each test. For the first 3 tests, there is no prescribed book to consult, since it is presumed that the given questions concern widely used grammatical rules. The rest of the grammar tests, have a prescribed book to refer to. Get hold of this book and make it your companion in answering the questions.

The beauty of the tests on sentence construction and composition lies on the merit that the tests are meant to challenge your creativity. So make your mind work and think of not just correct but also beautiful and logical sentences. The composition portion, on the other hand, is meant to squeeze out your organizational skill in composing your writing besides your creative juice that it seeks to extract.

After, the writing stage, you will be given a trip back to the Dynamic Education or DynEd computer software which would fine tune your ears towards British and American pronunciation of the English language. In that portion, take all the modules prescribed here in the series of lessons and take all the warm ups, fill-ins mastery tests. The Test Mountain will prepare you for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or Test of English as International Communication (TOEIC). These are examinations necessary for your success in applying for a job abroad. It is then advised that you don't just listen to the audio or click on the answers. Use your headsets and mimic or rehearse how the dialogues in the modules are delivered. That way you are not just fine tuning your ears but you are also exercising your tongue. The idea is not just for you to get acquainted with how the Americans or the British would sound but also how you would sound as you speak the English language, so that an American or a Briton can understand you. 

A word of caution. Don't just play with the tests or the DynEd exercises. All the tests will be part of your preliminary, midterm and final examinations. After completing all the requirements, you will be asked to take the Placement Test again. Since you already know your diagnostic scores, your grade, besides all the accumulated scores you earned in all the tests, will depend also on how much you have improved in you Placement Test. Don't also get the idea that you will take all the tests in a week and pass all of them at the end of the semester. These tests are taken in progression. The first batch of tests will be submitted on a certain date to be arranged with me. If you pass them beyond the deadline, they won't be accepted and you have wasted your efforts. So you have to work within the prescribed period of time.

Now, each test is written in the Word document format. Just click on each test and print the form. Answer it with your handwriting and submit each test or a batch of it to me personally at a certain arranged date.

Good luck and have fun. 

                                                                                       Percival S. Gabriel

DynEd Modules (All exercises and tests):

  • English for Success
  • Around the World in 80 Days
  • The Lost Secret
  • The Test Mountain

Be sure that you still have your pin numbers for your use in DynEd courseware.